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Sleepy Beaucat started in 2019 when vocalist Francis Smith was working with drummer Robin Rushton. Francis met bassist Darren Biard by chance at a party and spoke to him about being in a band. While speaking Francis and Darren soon realised the mutual connection of Robin who is Darren’s cousin and from then on, they knew it was meant to be. Since then, the band have amassed a great following and have played shows up and down the country playing with artists such as “Black Foxxes” and headlining such venues as “the Craufurd arms” and “the Fiddlars elbow”.

In 2021 the band released their debut ep “the Sleepy Beaucat” and had the pleasure to work with Tony Platt. This four-track monument to alt-rock heritage screams influences of Placebo, smashing pumpkins and bands of the like, coupled only with the behemoth undertones of metal acts such as Phoxjaw and Twelve-Foot Ninja. Since then, they have added lead guitarist Eddie Butler, a mutual friend of the band, to their line-up for their upcoming shows and releases. This Titanic tetrad has created a harmonic dissonant rampage of an ep from the belly of the beast that birthed them and show no signs of slowing down. 


"Sleepy Beaucat  -  inventive musicians pushing the boundaries - They are rapidly developing a distinctive and unique sound - I am eagerly awaiting what comes next."

 - Tony Platt  - engineer/producer (AC/DC, Bob Marley, Led Zepplin)

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